About Us

The Florida Association of Kennel Clubs, Inc. (FAKC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of animals, especially pure bred dogs. It is a "Club of Clubs", with its members being dog clubs throughout the State of Florida including those affiliated with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and independent of the AKC. The FAKC has no individual members.

FAKC was formed in the 1950's.  Through our member clubs and their membership we represent thousands of dog enthusiasts who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience.  FAKC assists member clubs by providing support, information, education and promoting events by AKC and similar organizations.  AKC and like-minded organizations have numerous events tailored for dogs and their owners which strengthen the human-animal bond as well as utilizing and enhancing the breed purpose.  Whatever you and your purpose-bred dog's passion is there is an event to nurture it.  Since our membership represents some of the best and most experienced members in the area of animal welfare, we are in a unique position to promote responsible dog ownership, educate the public on proper care and training issues, assist in disaster relief, and legislative issues.  FAKC supports responsible breeding practices and legitimate rescue groups.

FAKC has a strong group of members that specialize in solutions to animal issues within the community and state.  We are available to provide information, assistance, and the benefit of our experience to local and state governments.  FAKC can be counted on to aid the animals in major disasters.  It is the intention of FAKC to be an asset to the community in any way we can and promote the human animal bond. And, we strive to have a good time while doing it.  We are a great group of dog enthusiasts!

If your club has not joined, please consider doing so and become part of the FAKC family.

What We Stand For and What We Do

The purpose of the FAKC is to foster and enhance the welfare of purebred dogs and the dog fancy by any lawful means, including, but not limited to, the following:

1.      Assisting and encouraging Florida organizations of dog fanciers to promote dog shows, performance events, matches, etc.

2.      Providing a communications link between all clubs for dissemination of information, exchange of ideas regarding common problems, and coordinated action towards the common cause.

3.      Educating the dog fancy and the general public of advances in canine care and the sociological ramifications of the sport. .

4.     Educating the general public to the advantages of purebred dogs, canine health and welfare, canine deportment standards, training, and canine population control.

5.      Promoting humane treatment of all animal life.

6.      Maintaining cognizance of local, statewide, and national trends which may affect the environment in which the fancy operates.

7. Supporting the college of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Florida and other similar institutions.

The FAKC serves the state-wide community by:

1.      Tracking legislative activity which would impact animals.

2.      Publicizing the sport of dogs as practiced by the dog clubs of Florida..

3.      Providing food, water, veterinary supplies, veterinary services, temporary homes, tracking (keeping account; staying informed), and assorted equipment for animals displaced by disasters,  such as hurricanes, tornados, wild fires, man-made catastrophe, etc.

4.      Serving as a source of reliable information for all who have questions and/or problems dealing with dogs.

5.      Disseminating information on animal welfare, care and responsibility.